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The Kazaana (風穴, かざあな, "Wind Hole"), also known as the Wind Tunnel, was a curse placed on Miroku's grandfather by Naraku; it would go on to become Miroku's most famous technique. It appeared to be a black hole shaped on a person's palm. Once every year the wind tunnel grew larger and the wind...

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Miroku helped save Inuyasha by using the Wind Tunnel to pull their weapons off target. Inuyasha forced the gate open, allowing them to discover the light from behind it will petrify anything it touches (for Kagura had tried to enter with her army of yōkai); Kagome confirmed the Shikon Jewel shard was in the next world.

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Do-gooder Full Name Miroku Alias No information Origin Inuyasha Occupation Monk Powers/Skills Wind Tunnel, Sacred Sutras, High intelligence and wisdom Hobby Flirting with girls, Swindling Goals Destroy Naraku and lift the Wind Tunnel curse Family Unnamed Father (deceased) Unnamed Mother Miyatsu...

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Miroku's Kazaana Wind Tunnel Rosary ( Blue Quartz Buddhist Rosary, Nenju, Juzu, Japmala, or Mala inspired by the deviant monk Miroku 's rosary from Inuyasha )

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Miroku's Wind Tunnel is Damaged. Naruto and his friends were in another village doing yet another good deed for the villagers, much to Inuyaha's annoyance.

17/08/2013 · what happens to an object after it gets sucked into miroku's wind tunnel? does it just disappear or does it go somewhere?

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A demon injures Miroku's Wind Tunnel. Miroku visits the temple of Mushin, the man who raised him, for help treating the injury. Mushin is possessed by an Urn Grub and attacks Miroku. Furthermore, Miroku is paralyzed and is surrounded by many demons.

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Naraku tries to eradicate the pure light by sending out illusions, one to trick Miroku to using his Wind Tunnel for one last time, and another to make Sango kill Rin to save Miroku from the Wind Tunnel. Inuyasha makes it in time to prevent Miroku from opening the Wind Tunnel. Kagome's sacred arrow hits Naraku, destroying the illusions and ...

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The wind tunnel technique was a seal invented by Miroku. Miroku had a high wind affinity, his chakra even took on very wind like properties. When he saw a Meiton (dark release) user suck in a chakra attack he wanted to due the same, hence the wind tunnel technique. Using his sealing skills he...

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Jura - Caught in the explosion of Gora's energy balls by Miroku with Wind Tunnel, then destroyed when Sango chopped him in half with Hiraikotsu. He was revived by his Sphere of Power and merged with the other War Gods.


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